‘t Gaverhopke in Ardmore!

Tired Hands welcomes Bruno from t’Gaverhopke in Belgium. Many of you
might remember last year’s collaboration with Tired Hands and
t’Gaverhopke: Bitter Sweet Symphony. The Delrue family graciously hosted
Jean in their home a few kilometers from Kortjik in Belgium. Jean and
Gudrun brewed at a furious pace for three days.

Now, her husband Bruno will be making landfall any minute here in
Philadelphia to bring some more of Belgium to our fair city (we just
can’t get enough!). ┬áThe two will brew a new collaboration beer, this
time at Tired Hands.

Please feel free to come to our brewery after 4:00 on Tuesday, the 19th to meet Bruno and enjoy some of his wonderful beers! We will be pouring samples of his Extra and the fabulous Singing Blonde! We will, of course, have eight of our forward-thinking ales of distinction & valor on tap as well! I should also mention that we just tapped a beautiful new batch of HopHands AND FarmHands!

We are excited to welcome Bruno to our brewery and to our home.