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All Hallow’s Eve Beer Supper 2014

We will be celebrating our most favorite holiday this upcoming Tuesday, October 28th. Beginning at 6:30pm, please join us for our third annual All Hallows’ Eve Beer Supper; A celebration of hyper-local cuisine and strange, forward-thinking beers inspired by some of our favorite cryptozoological creatures.

We will be closed for “service as (un)usual” this evening and the Supper will take place in our spacious second-floor dining room-turned-haunted house.

Tickets are $100 and includes the Supper and a 500ml bottle of Ahool (ONLY available this night at the dinner). Ahool is a single barrel bottling of a black Saison fermented in French red wine barrels 8.2.%abv.

Costumes are encouraged and will be rewarded.

Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate special dietary restrictions.

50 tickets are available. Limit 4 tickets per person. Tickets go on sale tomorrow, 10/7/2013, at 4:00pm at our brewery and will be sold on a first come/first serve basis. There will be no online/phone sales this year.








with local pear mignonette

paired with Manananggal, a Pear Cider Gose


potato & celeriac soup

with charred leek, potato chip & paprika oil

paired with GrassMan, a Double India Pale Ale



with kale, squash, guanciale, bitter orange vinaigrette

paired with Dobhar-chú, a Squash Extra Special Bitter


pork belly

with roasted brussel sprouts, burnt onion & kimchi consomme

paired with Lizard Man of Scape Ore Swamp, a Simcoe Pale Ale



chocolate, peanut butter & jelly

paired with Pope Lick Monster, an Imperial Brown Ale



Mole Tomme from Birchrun Hills

paired with Chupacabra, a Robust Mole Stout



paired with, Ahool a Spooky Halloween Wine Barrel Fermented Dark Saison


A few weeks ago we were joined by our good friend and “fellow brewer from a Delaware brewery”, Ben Potts. Ben and I are great fans of David Lynch’s Twin Peaks series and for the longest time have wanted to brew a beer loosely based on it.

Drawing inspiration from Agent Cooper’s deductive rock throwing exercise (, we constructed three lists: malt, hops, and adjuncts (spice, fruit, etc). Once our lists were assembled, we gathered a box of rocks and placed a pint glass on a rock many yards away from us. Julie, serving as our record keeper, would call out a potential ingredient from one of the lists, and then myself or Ben would repeat the ingredient’s name prior to hurling a rock at the pint glass. If the rock struck the pint glass, we incorporated the ingredient into our brew. All forms of contact were noted (skims, full contact, shattering, etc). After about an hour of our deductive rock throwing exercise, we had compiled a list of all of our ingredients:

Crystal Wheat 40L
D2 Syrup
Columbus hops
Simcoe Hops
Fennel pollen
Cardamom pods

The beer was constructed to be a classic American IPA of sorts: Bitter, pungent, and boasting all of the strange flavors/aromas/visual obscurities of a David Lynch film. The fennel pollen and cardamom pods were all added in the whirlpool, as was a healthy dose of Columbus hops. The beer underwent a secondary fermentation atop 165 lbs of local cherries and was then dry hopped with Simcoe.

The resulting beer, aptly named Bob, is really strange. It pours a bright hazy blood red color and is quite strong (9% abv). We will be tapping Bob tonight (Friday 6/27/2014) and will be giving out some pretty tremendous house-made cherry pie (made with the same cherries used in Bob) to anyone who orders a pour of Bob. We made five pies, so get here early. Also, we will be tapping a cask of SecretFace, our Imperial Stout, conditioned on cherries and infused with cold-steeped Reanimator coffee. That’s Damn Good Coffee.

Summer Beer Supper 2014

Summer Beer Supper 2014

On Tuesday, July 1st, we will be hosting our very first Summer Beer Supper. We are surrounded by a number of exceedingly talented and passionate growers and producers that we highlight everyday on our menu. This Summer Beer Supper is our attempt to highlight Pennsylvania produce at the height of the season.

Please join us as we work intensely with three local producers: Culton Organics, Woodland Jewel Mushrooms, and The Farm at Doe Run, to produce a hyper-local beer and food experience that would be impossible to emulate at any other point in the year. All of our growers and producers will be on-hand at the dinner to speak with you, enlighten you, and drink beer with you.

The beer selection for this Supper has turned out to be one of my most favorite in memory. We will be brewing a fresh batch of MagoTago, our precious mango IPA, for this event. We will also be tapping kegs of some of my most favorite beers including (but not limited to): Only Void, Parageusia2, and BrainHands. In addition to all of these Strange & Beautiful beers we will also be debuting our Woodland Jewel collabration beer: WoodLaHands, an Oud Bruin conditioned on shiitake mushrooms grown by Heather and Norm at Woodland Jewel Mushrooms. This should be great.

We will be closed for “service as usual” this evening and the Supper will take place in our spacious second-floor dining room.

Tickets are $85 and includes the Supper and a 500ml bottle of Negative Creep, our kiwi sour Saison. Negative Creep was fermented in white wine barrels and conditioned on copious amounts of Italian kiwi fruit. Only 50 bottles were produced.

Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate special dietary restrictions.

50 tickets are available. Limit 4 tickets per person. Tickets go on sale today, 6/10/2014, at 4:00pm at our brewery and will be sold on a first come/first serve basis. There will be no online/phone sales.

Please feel free to arrive at 6:30pm. The Supper will begin at 7:00pm.

The menu is as follows:


featuring Culton Organics, Woodland Jewel Mushrooms & the Farm at Doe Run


mushrooms three ways

Woodland Jewel Silver & Gold Oyster, Shittake

paired with BrainHands, a Culinary Gose


summer soup

Culton Organics tomato, almond, olive oil

paired with Parageusia2, a Cab Franc barrel fermented Ale



Culton Organics greens, beet, Woodland Jewel mushroom terrine, the Farm at Doe Run’s Hummingbird

paired with Negative Creep, a Kiwi Sour Saison


summer ratatouille

cumin-crusted lamb, curry jus

paired with MagoTago, a juicy Mango IPA



A selection of cheese bathed in our beer from the Farm at Doe Run

paired with WoodLaHands, a Shiitake Oud Bruin


summer parfait

citrus curd, raspberry, whipped cream, cookie

paired with HopHands, our American Pale Ale



Only Void, our Imperial Stout


*menu subject to change based on seasonal availability

Second Anniversary Celebration Primer

This Sunday, June 1st, we will be celebrating two years of Strange and Beautiful beers. As normal, we will open our doors to the public at 12:00pm. A few items for your consideration:


  • There will likely be a line prior to our opening at noon.
  • Mike Lorenz and Friendz will be outside regaling your ears with their mellifluous melodies beginning at 10:00am.
  • ReAnimator Coffee will be set up on our front porch selling pour-overs AND iced coffee to the crowd for $1.00 a pop!
  • Philly Style Bagels will be set up selling their killer bagels & creamed cheese to the crowd for $1.00 a pop!


  • Please be patient. We are a very small brewery establishment and can only support a finite number of people.
  • Upon hitting our capacity limit, we will operate on a “One out / One in” policy until the crowd dies down.
  • We WILL be filling growlers of the following beers: Geodesic, American Youth, St. Twoer, and Only Void.
  • A growler line will likely form at the end of our first floor bar. If you would like to fill growlers, please be respectful of this line.

The following beers will be ON TAP at both bars for our Second Anniversary celebration. We will be selling PINTS of St. Twoer for $4.00 all day because we love you. An asterisk (*) indicates an 8oz pour only. All beers listed below will not be on tap at the same time, as we only have the ability to pour eight beers at a time. We will keep our chalkboard beer menus up-to-date as new beers go on tap.

  • SaisonHands
  • Only Void (Imperial Stout)
  • St. Twoer (Our 2nd Anniversary Citrus Galaxy/Nelson/Simcoe IPA)
  • Geodesic Saison (Hoppy Spelt Saison. Half Acre Collaboration)
  • American Youth (Serious American Pale Ale. Half Acre Collaboration)
  • HandFarm (Our Chardonnay barrel fermented four-grain Saison. This is Batch 4)*
  • The Emptiness is Not Eternal (Oak fermented Sorrel & Dandelion Saison)*
  • Negative Creep (Oak fermented Kiwi Sour Ale)*
  • So It Goes… (Hearty Pennsylvania Sour Red)*
  • Enact Positive Change (Mixed Culture Saison)*
  • BrainHands (Culinary Gose)*

The following beers will be ON TAP in the Parageusia Bar on our second floor:

  • Parageusia1 (Cab Franc Barrel fermented Ale. 6.5% abv)
  • Parageusia2 (Cab Franc Barrel fermented Ale. 8.2% abv)

Two people will be permitted in the Parageusia Bar at a time. Tickets for entry can be purchased at the second floor bar. A ticket costs $12 and includes the cost of a 10oz Parageusia glass as well as one fill of the corresponding Parageusia Beer. There are two beers and two glasses. A Parageusia representative will be on hand to answer any questions regarding their Future Rustic beers.

Our Growler Filling Policy

Thank you so much for enjoying what we do. We do what we do out of love for the art, a drive for simplicity, and our dedication to localization. To anyone who has passed through our humble doors over the past one year and nine months: THANK YOU. WE LOVE YOU.

This business now supports the lives of twenty two people. Twenty two people who care a whole lot about providing you with Strange & Beautiful beer and Simple & Satisfying food. Plain and simple, we love what we do and want to make your stay at Tired Hands as seamless as possible. Part of making this experience as beautiful as possible involves making sure that we have eight beers on tap at all times. This is not just a mindless goal of mine or a whim; It was written into my business plan. I truly believe that we need eight beers on tap at all times to provide you folks with the best experience possible. Lately we haven’t been able to do that due to high demand for our product (the quintessential Good/Bad small business problem, I know). We will never sacrifice quality to keep pace with demand. Our reputation is all we have. As a result, we will be evolving the way that our beer is able to be purchased for take-out.

Beginning Tuesday, March 4th, 2014 the following rules will go into effect:

  • We will fill only Tired Hands branded growlers. We built our tap towers to be THE specific height to accommodate both our 32oz and 64oz growlers. This allows for precise control when filling OUR growlers. When we fill other growler formats, we tend to lose a good bit of beer down the drain due to improper filling technique. We also give a good bit of beer away for free when filling various other growlers, as they max out at 68 oz. Stainless steel growlers are cool, but do not allow us to monitor fill levels and are also very difficult to inspect making the possibility of filling a moldy/dirty growler much more likely. Also, at the end of the day, we are exceedingly proud to put our name on what we make. Ego aside, we believe that this is only fair and hope you folks understand.


  • One growler fill (regardless of size) PER person, PER draft selection, PER day. This means that you are free to come through and get a growler of everything on tap (assuming that you pay for and leave with up to 192 oz of beer per trip off the premises). As noted, this rule is volumetrically blind. This is due to the need to keep our growler filling program as efficient as possible.


  • Our growlers (both the 32oz and the 64oz) still cost $5. It’s a steal!


Listen… I know this sucks. You have to believe me when I tell you this: We are working on it, and expect that someday soon, the majority of these limitations will go away (standby for a pretty exciting announcement). I want you folks to enjoy our beer… as much of our beer as you’d like… but we need to spread the love just a little bit right now.

Many thanks in advance for understanding. I can’t wait to share a beer with you folks as we move forward. You are all the best.

At the end of the day, please don’t despair… Just channel your inner Vonnegut. “And so it goes…”

Drink the yeast. Eat the rind.

Jean Broillet IV

HoliDAZE Hours

The following is our HoliDAZE schedule:

12/23: Closed. Staff HoliDAZE party!

12/24: Open for business as usual. NORMAL HOURS!

12/25: Merry Fishmas! We are CLOSED ALL DAY!

12/26: Open for business as normal! Extra Knuckle, our Mosaic IPA, should tap this day too!

And then we just keep on keepin’ on, buddy!



I See A Darkness


I See A Darkness.


A beer born out of friendship (long-distance, spontaneous, or otherwise), a fondness of music and beer (spontaneously fermented, or otherwise), and the sharing of thoughts (many times over).

I first met Will at our dear friend Tom Culton’s farm, in Lancaster many moons ago. It was a lively engagement that culminated in a quiet, star-lit, performance by Will and his bandmates and a group dinner consisting mainly of items that Tom had grown. Naturally, I supplied the beer. After many glasses of wine and beer, we got to talking about the allure of spontaneous fermentation, Pappy Van Winkle, distance, and our mutual love of dark beer. It was a killer evening.

I first met Tim and Adair of Sante Adairius (SARA) at our dear friend Shaun Hill’s house, in Vermont many moons ago. Shaun was hosting his annual Festival of Farmhouse Ales, and up until that point I had only had the pleasure of tasting a few of SARA’s beers. Over the course of the weekend, we brewed, laughed, and relaxed (I have photographic evidence of it, Tim!). We also uncovered a deep-running mutual respect for the music of Will Oldham. I think you can see where this whole thing is going…

Tim and I conceptualized I See a Darkness (the beer, not the hauntingly lovely song…) over the next few months. It was to be a very Robust Porter brewed with local honey (ours with Pennsylvania honey and theirs with California honey) and then conditioned on locally roasted coffee. We were shooting for 8.5% abv.

And, well, that’s what we did.

Will, being the beautiful and generous man that he is, drew us two very different illustrations to be used to represent each batch of I See a Darkness (see below). We will be brewing two batches of this beer. The first one, that we are tapping today, will be draft only. The second will see a very limited run of bottles to be adorned with Wills wonderful illustrations.

I hope you enjoy our iteration of I See a Darkness and that you Lie Down in the Light.


Jean Broillet IV



All Hallows’ Eve Supper 2013

We will be celebrating our most favorite holiday his upcoming Tuesday, October 29th. Beginning at 6:30pm, please join us for our second annual All Hallows’ Eve Beer Supper; A celebration of hyper-local cuisine and strange, forward-thinking beers inspired by some of our favorite creepy monsters.

We will be closed for “service as (un)usual” this evening and the Supper will take place in our spacious second-floor dining room-turned-haunted house.

Tickets are $85 and includes the Supper and a 500ml bottle of Captain Howdy (ONLY available this night at the dinner). Captain Howdy is a blended slightly sour and partially oak-fermented strong dark ale. 9.2.%abv.

Costumes are encouraged and will be rewarded.

Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate special dietary restrictions.

50 tickets are available. Limit 4 tickets per person. Tickets go on sale tomorrow, 10/1/2013, at 4:00pm at our brewery and will be sold on a first come/first serve basis. There will be no online/phone sales this year.

This year’s menu is as follows:


Smoked Cauliflower & Cheddar Soup

Scrapple, Sage


Marty Rantzen, an Out-of-his-Gourd Smoked Oat Brown Ale.



Country Pork

Liver mousse & Pistachio Terrine, Frisée, Cherry Vinaigrette


JASON, a Homicidal Citrus IPA



Juniper-encrusted Venison

Carrot Puree, Fennel, Pecan Brown Butter


FREDDY, a Nightmare of a Robust Porter



Apple & Golden Raisin Tart

Caramelized Squash, Chevré Espuma


Herbert West, a Re-Animator Worka Mosaic IPA



Birchrun Hills Fat Cat washed in Pinhead

Apricot, Chanterelles



Desert Beer & Commemorative Bottle

Captain Howdy, a blended slightly sour and partially oak-aged strong dark ale

A FareWell to FarmHands.

A few months ago, we received a Cease & Desist notice from lawyers representing Brewery Vivant from Grand Rapids, Michigan over our use of the name FarmHands (one word, plural), because they brew a beer called Farm Hand (two words, non-pluralized). The C&D stipulated that we were to no longer use the name FarmHands, or we would be sued for millions of dollars.

Generally speaking, Saison is a style of beer with roots firmly planted in the fields of Northern France and Belgium, a beer which was primarily brewed and consumed by… you guessed it, Farmhands.  That’s why the name is so intuitive (not to mention beautifully in line with our identity as a small business: Tired Hands, HopHands, FarmHands… you get the picture).  Go ahead, search for “farm hand” on No less than three other breweries are currently using some combination of those two words to identify one of their beers… Some even distribute in America.  As educated beer consumers, you would not have any trouble distinguishing one beer from another (not to mention the fact that none of these beers are available in the same geographic location).  Marketplace confusion sucks, but we have never had that problem in our industry, because what we sell is necessarily unique to the producer.  We’re not making widgets here, we are crafting an organic product that has inherent value beyond “branding.”

As an industry, we are heading down a gnarled and paranoiac path that will only serve to isolate our customers by truncating the creativity of fellow beer producers; effectively losing sight of what made this industry so great when I entered into it nearly a decade ago… Collaboration, camaraderie, and a sense of infinite exploration.

We have had an absolutely killer first year of business, and are deeply thankful to all of you who have helped make Tired Hands what it is today. That being said, our money is better spent paying our employees (20 and counting!) and brewing killer beer. That’s not to say that we didn’t spend any cash on this engagement; we spent almost $5,000 on defending our FarmHands.

 We exist for one very simple reason; to produce the best beer in the area. Localization still guides all that we do, which is why we are continuing to invest in our community via the construction of a new production brewery that will (hopefully) meet the local demand for our strange and beautiful beers of distinction and valor.

In the end, we will be retiring FarmHands on September 26th, 2013 to avoid a lawsuit from Vivant. Not the recipe, nor the fact that it is one of our most beloved house beers, just simply the name: FarmHands. We will be renaming it something… Not sure what yet, but it will be good and jive well with our identity.

Please join us on Thursday September 26th to celebrate the life of FarmHands and see it through to it’s next stage of existence. We’ll be selling pints of (the newly renamed) FarmHands for $3.33 (half the price of the Beast) from 4-8pm. Get out here and drink one of the most accurate representations of Saison in the area and mourn/celebrate with us. Thank you all for your continued support.

Any breweries out there want to brew The Light That Spills Out of the Hole In Your Head next?

Drink the yeast / Eat the rind,

Jean Broillet IV

Owner. Brewer.