Saying that Tired Hands is a “brewpub” would be a gross overstatement of our brewery model. We will not be frying up mozzarella sticks and plating double cheeseburgers. Rather, we bake make bread on-site and source our simple menu of cheeses, meats, and seasonal produce from roughly 100 miles from our brewery. The culinary creation side of our operation takes place entirely behind the long first floor bar; you can think of it as an open air kitchen of sorts. Simply put, our food serves our beer.

Aside from our ales of distinction and valor, you can expect a simple and satisfying menu consisting of cheese and charcuterie plates, sandwiches, quiche, stew, and the occasional daily special (!). We also serve a wide variety of pickled and brined items made in house.

As you can see, with the exception of making beer on-site, our culinary model is much more in line with traditional Belgian/French cafe fare.  I truly think it’s a harmonious confluence of ideas and technique.