Our Proper New Growler Policy Now That We are Producing a Healthy and Sustainable Amount of Beer.


Effective immediately at both the BrewCafé and the Fermentaria:


Please feel free to fill as many growlers as you would like. In Pennsylvania, each transaction must be limited to 192 fluid ounces. This means that upon receipt, if you would like to purchase more than 192 fluid ounces of our beer, you must leave the premises and then return to pick up additional beer (and then repeat the cycle if you’d like any more beer!).


We will also be opening up for 64 oz growler fills on MOST ALL BEERS. There will, of course, continue to be a few beers that we will not do any growler fills of (one-off kegs, anniversary beers, etc.), but this should be a rare occurrence.


We will continue to fill our branded glassware only, as we are STILL exceedingly proud to put our name on our Strange & Beautiful beer. If this is a very big issue for you, we will be happy to let you “trade-in” any growler for one of ours. Sound good?


Many thanks for bearing with us over the past three years. We are forever humbled and extremely grateful for your support.


We’ll see you soon.


Jean Broillet IV



Growler fill Prices

64 oz: $20.00
32 oz: $10.50
Glass: $5.00

(prices vary occasionally for higher gravity / limited quantity beers)