Meet the Farmer

All of our meats and cheese are sourced from within 100 miles of the brewery, and the food is grown and produced by fantastic, dedicated people who are as passionate about agriculture as we are about brewing.


You may be familiar with “meet the brewer” events at other bars and restaurants in the area.   Here at Tired Hands, you will meet a brewer every time you walk in the door.  So, we would like to introduce you to some of the wonderful farmers whose products complements our diverse beers.


Please visit their websites—or farms!—if you are interested in supporting local agriculture.


Birchrun Hills

“Birchrun Hills Farm is a family owned dairy farm in the highlands of Birchrunville, Chester Springs. The Millers offer handcrafted raw milk cheese. Cheeses featured are: Birchrun Blue, a raw milk natural rind semi-soft cheese that is rich and creamy with delicate blue flavors; Equinox; our own Fat Cat cheese, both earthy and tangy with a grassy finish and Red Cat.”   Sue is one of the loveliest people you can meet, and her cheese is world class.  We are proud to serve it at Tired Hands.  Birchrun Hills has also done several collaborations with Tired Hands, so look for her cheese washed in Tired Hands beer at DiBruno Bros., and of course, at the Tired Hands brewery.


River & Glen

Produce outstanding organic charchuterie in Warminster, PA.  Tired Hands serves their duck proscuitto, which is aged for ten days, cured in herbs and spices for four days, then caved for at least another four weeks.  “River & Glen is dedicated to the sustainability of human and natural resources in every aspect of our business. We firmly believe that sustainability is critical to the future of our earth and its inhabitants. So while we work to meet the needs of the present generation, we are always looking to the future – to make sure that today’s resources remain vital and productive for our children and our children’s children. Stewardship of both human and natural resources is of prime importance.”

Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture