Here is a sample of some of the items we are currently serving, although you may find something slightly different when you arrive.  Tired Hands sources all of the meats and cheeses we serve from approximately 100 miles of the brewery.  This means are menu changes frequently based on what is fresh and available in the region at any given moment.  Our menu cycles the seasons to take full advantage of local delights.  Most items feature our house-made bread, baked daily behind the first floor bar.


Cheese (w/ housemade bread and appropriate accoutrements):

Pepato. Raw sheep’s milk. Fresh pecarino-style w/ black peppercorns. Valley Shepard, Long Valley, NJ. 4.75/9.5

Blue. Birchrun Hills, Chester Springs.  4/8

Trioche. Cow, Sheep & Goat milk cheese. Valley Shepard, Long Valley, NJ. 4.5/9

Equinox. Alpine-style cheese. Earthy, tangy, grassy, pineappely, nutty, and absolutely gorgeous! Sue has done it again! Birchrun Hills, Chester Springs, Pa. 4.25/8.50

Cheese Plate. 1 oz of each cheese. 16.

Meat (w/ housemade bread and appropriate accoutrements):

Duck Prosciutto. Four-week dry cured with a magical blend of herbs of spices. Deep, creamy, meaty, and simply gorgeous. River & Glen, Warminster, Pa. 9

Sopressata. Spicy & Sweet but peppery salumi. Hearty, earthy, and subtly spicy. Licini Bros. Union City, NJ. 8.5

Abruzze. Hot pork Sausage. Hearty, earthy, and subtly spicy. Licini Bros. Union City, NJ. 8.5

Meat Plate. 1 oz of each meat. 12.

Panini (w/ pickle du jour):

Lancaster Bologna & Cheese. Lancaster county sweet bologna and smoked chedder; like nothing you’ve ever tasted. 7

Jeano’s Panino. Birchrun Blue, young Swiss, Haricot Vert blend, and baby greens. 9

Turkey & Mozz. Smoked turkey breast with fresh mozzarella, Ramp Pesto & Smokey Tomato Jam. This is a beautiful panini. 11.5

Chef’s Choice Grilled Cheese

House-Made Pickles:

Half-Sour Whiskey Dills. Savory & satisfying. 4.5

Half-Sour Peppery Dills. 4.5

Curryflower. 4.5

Other Wonderful Things:

Candied Bacon. Lancaster county double smoked bacon, local maple black walnut butter. 8

Rüstic Rüster. Arugula, baby spinach, lardon & birchrun blue. Dressed in a tongue tingling sriracha vinaigarette. 12

Spring Asparagus . Blanched asparagus dressed in a a white balsamic vinaigrette with farm egg and shaved equinox cheese. 7

Pork Rillettes . Served with farmhand cherry jam. 9

Bread and Butter avec Sel Gris. 3

Créme Brulée. Meyer lemon and mint. Fresh whipped cream. 6

House-made Soda. Orange pompadour. 1.5

* Please visit our  Meet the Farmer page if you would like to learn more about the outstanding producers of the food we serve.