Here is a sample of some of the items we are currently serving, although you may find something slightly different when you arrive.  Tired Hands sources all of the meats and cheeses we serve from approximately 100 miles of the brewery.  This means are menu changes frequently based on what is fresh and available in the region at any given moment.  Our menu cycles the seasons to take full advantage of local delights.  Most items feature our house-made bread, baked daily behind the first floor bar.

UPDATED 9/26/14


Bread & Butter - House-made bread served with Trickling Springs unsalted butter, fleur de sel & fennel pollen. $3

Candied Bacon - Lancaster County double-smoked bacon cut extra-thick & candied in a mixture of brown sugar, cayenne & black pepper. Served with a side of PA Grade B maple syrup. $8

Haricot Verts - French green beans with tons of shallots & parsley dressed in a very garlicky vinaigrette. $7

Off Beet SaladFrisée & radicchio, roasted beets, smoked almonds & a burnt-honey & Hummingbird dressing. $12

House-Fermented Kimchi - Spicy lacto-fermented napa cabbage served with bread, hoisin butter & garlic roasted peanuts. $7

House-made Pork Terrine - Coarse pork pate made in house with poached prunes & hazelnuts. $10

Chocolate Caramel Pot du Cremé - Pot du creme flavored with caramel and chocolate served with cardamom-coconut foam. $9


PICKLES Served with house-made bread & Trickling Springs unsalted butter. Order all three as a 3 of a Perfect Pair.

Whiskey Dills - Kirby cucumbers pickled with shallot, garlic, black & yellow mustard seed, black pepper, dill, thyme, allspice & whiskey. $4.5

Peppery Dills - Kirby cucumbers pickled with shallot, garlic, black & yellow mustard seed, black & white pepper, dill, thyme, fennel seed, dried pasilla pepper, fresh jalapeño, fresno chili & habanero. $4.5

Threedmont - Trio of pickled local carrot, parsnip & radish with black pepper, fennel seed, chili flake & oregano served with bagna cauda. $5


PANINI - Served with pickle & HopHands Mustard. Want your panini SPICY? Additional $.50!

Bologna & Cheddar - Lancaster County sweet beef Lebanon-style bologna & Lancaster County smoked white cheddar on house-made bread. $7

Jeano’s Panino- Lancaster County Swiss cheese, Birchrun Hills’ Blue & our Haricot Verts on house-made bread. $10

Grilled Cheese - Lancaster County Swiss cheese, roasted Maitake mushrooms on house-made bread. $9

That’ll Do, Fig – Lancaster County smoked pork loin, Lancaster County jack, house-made fig-onion jam, & frisée on house-made bread. $12

CHEESES - Selection of local cheeses from Birchrun Hills, Cherry Grove, Valley Shepherd, the Farm at Doe Run a la carte in 1 ounce or 2 ounce portions*. Or 1 ounce of each as a Cheese Plate. $16

MEATS - Selection of local charcuterie from DiBruno Bros., River & Glen, Trois Petits Cochons a la carte in 1 ounce or 2 ounce portions*. Or 1 ounce of each as a Meat Plate. $14

*please check our chalkboards for current a la carte selections & pricing

No substitutions. No alterations. 

An automatic gratuity of 18% will be applied to parties of EIGHT or more. An automatic gratuity of 20% will be applied to any open tabs at the end of the evening. BE SURE TO PAY YOUR TAB!