What are your hours?

Tired Hands BrewCafé:

* Monday: Closed
* Tuesday-Friday: 4 PM - 1 AM
* Saturday & Sunday: Noon - 1 AM

Tired Hands Fermentaria:

* Daily: Noon - 1 AM

Tired Hands General Store:

* Daily: 11 AM – 9 PM

When are you closed?

All locations are closed Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.

Are you guys hiring?

Please check our website for current job openings and how to apply at : http://www.tiredhands.com/jobsatthbc/

Do you distribute?

We have limited distribution to a few amazing bars and restaurants in the Philadelphia area. We distribute draft only, not cans or bottles. You can find a list of locations where we may send our beer on our website at : http://www.tiredhands.com/findourbeer/

Which restaurant should I visit? What’s the difference?

We have two brewery/bars/restaurants in Ardmore, PA - just a few miles outside of Philadelphia, and very close to one another - where at any given time, between both spots, we will have ~18 different beers on draft in addition to a few bottle selections. Usually every beer on draft is available for growler fills in both the 1L and 64oz size, with the exception of some smaller batch beers here and there that are limited to 32oz growlers. Our website - tiredhands.com - is always updated with the day's draft list and bottle selections.

We try to keep our General Store (right next to the cafe) stocked with cans of HopHands - our house Pale Ale - at all times. Additionally, we do special release cans generally once a week (or more) at the Fermentaria depending on the brewery's schedule. It's always best to pay attention to our Instagram page, which is where we announce the releases as soon as we're ready. Typically special release cans sell out very quickly and rarely last more than a couple hours once on sale.

We also distribute a limited number of kegs to various different accounts in the city of Philadelphia and some of the surrounding suburbs. Here is a list of most of the bars that we sell beer to: http://www.tiredhands.com/findourbeer/ I would also recommend checking out Phillytapfinder.com to see which bars are pouring our beer and when.

How do i get there from Septa?

You can take the Paoli/Thorndale line and get off at Ardmore. Once you get off, walk across Lancaster Ave. and you'll walk right into the parking lot of the Fermentaria.

Where do I park?

Here is our handy parking map.

Do you have ADA accessible parking?


Are ADA you accessible?

YES! The Fermentaria is the most wheelchair accessible of our spaces, with nearby van-accessible parking, ramps and a wheel-chair height section of the bar. The BrewCafé has an accessible entrance on the side of the building and accessible restrooms are located on the first floor. Staff are available at all locations to address accessibility needs or concerns.

Please let your server know if you need an accommodation or assistance to enjoy our spaces, services or products.

Service animals are welcome! Please leave your pets/comfort animals at home.

What kind of food do you have?

You can find our current menus for the BrewCafé and the Fermentaria on this site by using the navigation above!

Do you have vegan or vegetarian options?

Yes! We almost always have at least a few dishes that were prepared without animal products.

Can you accommodate my Food Allergies?

Tired Hands is pleased to accommodate guests with food allergies. We do not have separate processing equipment for food allergies, but please alert your server to any allergies and he or she can help you identify dishes to avoid allergens.

Can I bring my kids to your bar?

We are happy to welcome families. Pennsylvania law limits the access of minors in a licensed facility. That means, persons under 21 years old are allowed in with a parent or guardian, but must be supervised at all times.

Do you have a kids’ menu?


Can I just bring something from home that my kid likes to eat?

Unfortunately, state and local health codes prohibit us from allowing outside food to be consumed in our restaurant. Our servers are adept at finding something on our menu for everyone.

Can i make a reservation online?

Yes! If you are having a hard time, please call the Fermentaria at (484) 413-2983

Can I book Tired Hands for a reception?

We can accommodate parties as large as X at the Fermentaria. We can also provide a private dining space at the BrewCafe for up to 50 guests.

What beer do you have on draft?

Our current draft list for each location is available using the navigation above.

Can I take home a growler of Tired Hands beer?

YES! We have 64oz and 32oz growlers available. Most beers may be purchased as growler fills, but sometimes beers are limited to draft only to make sure everyone gets a taste.

Why won’t you fill my old growler?

Pennsylvania law requires us to only fill growlers labeled with our company’s information. While some breweries in Pennsylvania that also operate as full bars may be able to fill your old growler, we have a different kind of license because we only operate as a brewery. Also, we don’t know where your growler’s been, and it’s important that the glass be as fresh and beautiful as our beer!

What bottles do you have available?

Our current bottles available to go are listed online on our General Store page. Bottle service available in each location is listed in the respective draft lists.

When is your next can release?

We aim to always have HopHands cans available in our General Store at 20 Ardmore Avenue. Please check Instagram @tiredhandsbrewingcompany for real-time release announcements.

Where can I buy your cans?

At our General Store at 20 Ardmore Avenue, and when cans are released for sale at the Fermentaria.

Will cans be available when I show up?

We aim to always have HopHands cans available in our General Store at 20 Ardmore Avenue. Please check Instagram @tiredhandsbrewing for real-time release announcements. We will post if cans from a release are available after the release has ended.

Can we get a brewery tour?

The brewery at both restaurants is on display and visible from the dining area. Tired Hands does not give “tours” but you can view the brewing facility at the BrewCafé in the back of the building on the first floor, and at the Fermentaria from both the dining area and bar area.

Can I buy a keg for my wedding/birthday/special life event?

No. We do not offer kegs to the public. But a case of growlers or cans often does the trick for most events.

I can’t make it to your brewery, is there any way I can get a can of your beer?

Tired Hands cans are available for sale exclusively in Ardmore Pennsylvania.

When are you brewing [specific beer] again?

HopHands and SaisonHands are always available. Many beers we create just once but a number of beers, such as Alien Church, Pineal, and Helles Other People, we will brew from time to time. We post upcoming beers on Instagram and our website has the current draft list.

Where do you sell your beer?

In addition to the BrewCafé, Fermentaria, and General Store in Ardmore, PA, we sell draft beer to a small number of bars and restuarants in the Philadelphia area. You can find a list of them here .

When will you sell beer in my town/local pub?

Come visit us in Ardmore! We are not expanding our distribution at the moment. Stay tuned. We’ll be sure to let you know when we do.

Where can I buy your cans/bottles?

Ardmore! We exclusively sell our cans and bottles in our restaurants and General Store, all conveniently located in Ardmore, PA.

I am a distributor and would like to carry your beer:

Thank you for your interest. We are not looking for a distributor at this time.

I own a bar/restaurant and would like to sell your beer:

Thank you for your interest. At the moment we are only selling beer to a small number of bars and restaurants in the immediate Philadelphia area. For account-related questions, please contact Bobby at Bobby at Tired Hands.com

Where do I stand in line?

Tired Hands does not ask guests to line up. But we have found many people chose to arrive before we open our doors to guarantee a can in hand. Our township has asked us to be good neighbors, not to block entrances to streets, parking lots, businesses and homes, and to not leave anything on the sidewalk. Consuming alcohol, littering, and urinating on public streets is of course all illegal (you can come inside to pee!). We currently ask guests who chose to line up to stand along Cricket Terrace, and then down Trolley Lane, and then down Ardmore Avenue. Please be kind to our lovely town and all those who live and work here! There are also some great business very near Tired Hands you might want to visit.

When can I put out chairs in line?

Lower Merion township prohibits leaving things on the street without a permit. We have not seen any instances of problems with people sitting in chairs, but it’s up to the police to decide how to enforce township ordinances. We are not the police. We just ask everyone to be kind and respectful of our lovely little town and be really careful to avoid blocking entrances, trampling flowers, leaving trash, and treat everyone with kindness and respect.

I can’t make it to your can releases, is there any way I can get your beer?

We aim to always have HopHands cans available in our General Store at 20 Ardmore Avenue. We will post if cans from a release are available after the release has ended. Many beers that we offer in cans are also available on draft.

Will you make a donation to our __?

Please see our Charitable Contributions Program for information on what kinds of organizations we sponsor and how to apply. If your organization is simply seeking a gift card donation, please send a copy of your 501(c)(3) IRS determination letter and nondiscrimination policy to donations@tiredhands.com.

Do you want to sponsor my bike race/beer fest/charity/community event?

In keeping with our charitable contributions policy, we do not sponsor events. But we are proud to sponsor organizations that use the funds to directly support the needs of hunger, homelessness, animal welfare and the natural environment in our community.

I’m a musician and want to play at Tired Hands, how do I book your venue?

Thank you for your interest, but we do not accept music acts. Tired Hands is not set up as a music venue (we don’t have a stage or sound equipment). We have host Mike Lorenz as our exclusive house jazz musician since year one. You are welcome to stop by and check him out on Thursdays at the BrewCafé.

Are you dog friendly?

Health codes prohibit pets from entering our spaces. But service animals, as defined by Title III of the ADA, are always welcome.

It is a big deal if I stop in with my uniform on?

You are always welcome in uniform. We appreciate your service and offer a discount on draft beer to service members and veterans as a small token of that appreciation.

Where can I change my child’s diaper?

In the restroom. We have baby-changing stations in both restrooms at the Fermentaria. Please do not use tables or dining spaces. Please.

Where can I breastfeed my child?

Anywhere you like. All public spaces of the restaurants are accessible to nursing parents.


Can I book your place for a private party?

email marissa@tiredhands.com

Who do I contact if I want to feature Tired Hands in my publication?

Thank you for thinking of us. You can contact us at info@tiredhands.com with your request.