Are you ready to FREAK OUT with us?

Our Fermentaria turns 1 this upcoming Sunday! To celebrate, we are hosting a Freak Out celebration, the likes of which have never been seen (likely because this is our first anniversary at the Ferm). Below you will find all of the pertinent data that you should know prior to stopping by on Sunday. 

  • The day will start off with a can release at 11:00am. We will be selling the cans through the Brewer's entrance along Cricket Terrace. Allotments will be based on yield. The beer and allotment data will remain a mystery until Saturday. Clue: It's an homage to the Patron Saint of Tired Hands.


  • If you'd like to hang out in line for cans or to get in the Ferm at noon (it's looking like it'll be a beautiful day), we will have our friends from Reanimator coffee outside selling coffee and whatnot. Our kitchen will also be sending out fresh pretzels for your enjoyment. 


  • We will open the doors to the Fermentaria at 12:00pm. We will be checking IDs at the door. If you are over 21, you will get a wristband that indicates that you are over 21. If you are under 21, you will get a wristband that indicates that you are under 21. 


  • Our Anny tap list is badass and includes a number of special blends, cellared kegs, and fresh beers for the FREAK OUT. The beers listed below may not all be on at the same time, but will be tapped throughout the day (we only have so many taps!). A few beers that will be on tap: Freedom From the Known, Peach Milkshake, a few one off Anniversary barrel/fruit blends, Blackberry Milkshake, Sticky Drippy Crystals, Pineal, a whole series of Only Void, Rustic Pentagram, etc, etc, etc. We will only be doing growler fills of HopHands, SaisonHands, Pineal, and one other surprise beer!


  • The Parageusia Bar is coming back! Beginning at 2:00pm, we will open the Parageusia Bar 2.0 in the brewery. Christian Zellersfield's terrestrial representative, Christian, will be on hand to host guests, two at a time, at his custom-made Para bar. Christian will be pouring glasses of Parageusia6 and Parageusia7. To access the Para Bar, you will have to leave the restaurant and go down to the Brewer's entrance. NO BEER IS ALLOWED OUTSIDE. Once you arrive at the Brewer's entrance, you will be able to purchase up to two tickets per visit. One ticket is $15 and gets you a specialized Parageusia glass, the corresponding Parageusia pour, and exclusive access for up to two people to the Para Bar (for up to 5 minutes). 


  • We will have a merch stand set up at the bottom of the ramp leading into the brewery area. ALL merchandise and bottled beer will be sold from this location. We have a number of special items ready to go for Sunday! Stay tuned to our social media (specifically Instagram) for all of the details over the next few days. We will also have bottles of Ourison Batch #4, Shambolic (bottle conditioned for 7 months!), and Para47 for sale from this stand. 


  • Chef Billy Braun has a twenty-taco-retrospective prepared for your organoleptic enjoyment on Sunday. Twenty of our most favorite tacos from the past year will be back on the menu for just one day. He also has a special super-stony Chimichanga ready to go. WHAT COULD IT BE?!?


  • Our BrewCafé will be open for full-service all day as well. Go say "Hello" to them!

As always, we look forward to seeing you on Sunday (and, well, everyday that you stop by!). This is our first time doing an event like this at the Ferm, so please bear with us... We promise to accommodate everyone to the best of our ability. GET READY TO FREAK OUT.