Weekend of Psychosis and Enlightenment. 6/3 & 6/4

We are turning 5 years old! Please join us in celebrating our humble little brewery's fifth turn around the sun this weekend. There is quite a bit going on between our BrewCafé, Fermentaria and our General Store... I'll try my best to summarize it all below!

Let's start with the beers. The following is a breakdown of what should be on tap most of the weekend at each location:

Our BrewCafé 

HopHands, SaisonHands, St.Fiver (Yuzu/Kalamansi/Pink Grapefruit IPA), Birthday Cake Double Milkshake, MagoMagoTagoTago, The Emptiness is Only When the Mind is Very Quiet (Pa Apple and Black Walnut) and Red Wine Only Void 2017.


HopHands, SaisonHands, Technicolor Splendor, MilkSaint Fiver (Yuzu/Kalamansi/Pink Grapefruit/Lactose/Madagascar Vanilla Bean IPA), So It Goes 2017, Oat Tao (All Oat Malt Oak Fermented Saison brewed with @mikkeller), Single Origin Coffee Only Void 2017, Extra Vanilla Milkshake IPA, Secret Face 2017 ( Mature Blonde Saison Blended for the Anniversary)

The following beers will be rotating on tap at the Fermentaria all throughout the weekend:

Single Origin Coffee Only Void 2016, Gatherer 2016, PurPec (Oak Fermented Mild. Brewed with @forestandmain two years ago), Hysterical Obelisk (Spiced Saison fermented in Vin Santo barrels. Over two years old), Secret Face 2016, Only Void 2016, Bourbon Barrel Only Void 2016, Lapsang Souchong and Vanilla Only Void 2016, Heavy Gem: Virga, Singing Swans (Oak Fermented Merlot Grape Saison), Peaceful Invasive (Smoked Mushroom and Knotweed Saison. Brewed with @jesterking over one year ago), Enhanced Sincerity (Stainless Steel Fermented Merlot Grape Saison)

PLEASE NOTE: We will only be selling growlers of HopHands, SaisonHands, St.Fiver (NOT MilkSaint Fiver) and Technicolor Splendor this weekend. 

Alright! That's a list! I hope you all approve... We are very excited to stroll through these beers with you all! 

Below is a list of activities for this weekend that will be taking place all around our Ardmore campus:

SATURDAY 6/3/2017

10:00am at the FERM. Snack Stand and Dry Hopped Juice Bar. Enjoy $1 donuts from our pals at @federaldonuts and $1 pours of house-made dry hopped juice (Galaxy dry hopped orange juice & Mosaic dry hopped Grapefruit juice). 

General Store GRAND OPENING at NOON! Located two doors down from our BrewCafé, our General Store serves as a much needed outlet for all of our merch, glassware, bottles, cans, and other "General" items that we think are really cool. We will be opening our doors with new shirts, many many new glass designs, a reach-in full of HopHands, and five new bottles (which I'll post about later). It's going to be cool! Stop by man!

2:00pm at the FERM. Parageusia Bar V3.0. We will be reopening the Parageusia Bar and hosting Christian Zellersfield's modern-day terrestrial representative, Christian, once again this year. Christian will be debuting both Parageusia8 and Parageusia9 and has printed special glasses for this year's debut as well. As in years past, $15 get you one glass and the corresponding pour of Parageusia. If you'd like to try both iterations of this year's Parageusia, you will need to purchase both glasses, which are yours to keep once you've finished the pour. Each person (or group up to four people) will get up to three minutes in the Parageusia Bar and will have the opportunity to discuss whatever they wish with Christian.  **Cash Only!**

3:00pm at the General Store. Hang out with Mike Lawrence and Jean! Please feel free to join Mike and Jean in the back room of the General Store and taste through four new bottles with us. We will have a number of very limited silk screened prints of labels that Mike has done for us available for sale too. Mike and Jean will be prepared to sign any prints/bottles/whatever too! Swing by, taste some cool new bottles, and talk art/beer/metal/life/death/stillness/whatever with us. Please?

SUNDAY 6/4/2017

10:00am at the FERM. Snack Stand and Dry Hopped Juice Bar. Enjoy $1 donuts from our pals at @federaldonuts and $1 pours of house-made dry hopped juice (Galaxy dry hopped orange juice & Mosaic dry hopped Grapefruit juice). 

NOON at the FERM. MilkSaint Fiver can release. MilkSaint Fiver is our psycho Birth Day iteration of our Milkshake IPA series. Brewed with tons of oats and lactose sugar. Hopped intensely with Mosaic and Citra. Conditioned atop a (seriously) irresponsible amount of yuzu, kalamansi, and pink grapefruit purée.  We will announce allotments when possible. 

3:00pm at the General Store. Vintage Bottle Rummage Sale. Join us in the back room of the General Store and rummage through cases of bottles, hand picked by Jean, that span our five year life as a brewery. There are some seriously badass gems in this selection. Each guest will get to select one bottle and then move on!

Executive Chef Bill Braun has also created some killer specials for each location this weekend:


HopHands Beer Can Chicken Panini w/ slaw & beer-becue sauce

The Bigger Ferm (Is it the Biggest Ferm? Who knows. But it’s definitely Bigger.)
Clam Strip Taco w/ cucumber, onion & cocktail salsa
Smothered Chimichanga
Big Dumb Nachos

This is going to be fun! This is going to be peaceful! This is going to be edifying! This is going to be delicious! Please be patient and respect your neighbors. Oh yeah, every location opens at NOON! We CANNOT wait to see you all!