Tired Hands Brewing Company is proud to support organizations that serve members of our community who are in need.  We do not donate beer or other items for events, but rather use the proceeds from our sales to donate cash directly to select nonprofit organizations. This maximizes the value of the donation for the charitable organization.


Organizations we have supported in the past include: 

Bethesda Project

Main Line Animal Rescue

Friends of Morris Park


Lower Merion Conservancy

The Humane League

Habitat for Humanity Philadelphia

Providence Animal Center

Riverbend Environmental Education Center



Donation Guidelines

If your organization would like to apply for a donation from Tired Hands, please keep in mind the following guidelines:

1. Organization must be a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

2. Organization’s mission must be to serve one of the four enumerated categories: hunger, homelessness, animal welfare, and the natural environment. We only support organizations whose core mission is to address these challenges in our community.

3. Organization must be seeking a cash donation, not a beer donation. 

4. Organization must have a nondiscrimination policy that prohibits discrimination on the basis of gender identity or expression and sexual orientation in addition to race, sex, color, age, national origin, disability, religion, pregnancy, and veteran's status.


To Apply

Please submit a copy of your proposal to Donations @ tiredhands.com including:

1. Cover letter/statement of interest

2. Copy of your 501(c)(3) letter from the IRS

3. Mission statement of your organization and/or strategic plan

4. Nondiscrimination policy


Fine Print:

1. Cash donations only. We have found that we can maximize the benefit to a charitable organization by donating money we generate from selling beer instead of donating beer. Accordingly, we do not donate beer or sponsor events.

2. We select one organization each quarter for a donation. Applications will be considered on a rolling basis.

3. If your organization is not in one of the four enumerated categories, you are not eligible for a donation under our charitable contributions program. We focus on four areas of need because targeted contributions have a greater impact. 

a. Natural environment means organizations committed to open spaces, watersheds and land conservation. 

b. Animal welfare means no-kill animal shelters, cat spay/neuter programs, and organizations that address animal cruelty. 

c. Hunger means organizations that provide food directly to people in our community who are food insecure. Includes soup kitchens, meal preparation and food delivery services that provide food free of charge. 

d. Homelessness means organizations that provide shelter free of charge to people who do not have a safe place to sleep.