Join us at our BrewCafé Monday October 1st at 6pm for the next installment of our “Organoleptic Cartography” series.

Since not too long after we first opened the doors to our humble & precious BrewCafé, Mike Lorenz has been gracing our second floor on Thursday nights each and every week with his mellifluous and psychedelic jazz melodies. In addition, Mike has ALSO become quite the chef at home - specifically in regards to his far out and experimental pizzas. So, for this event, so not only will Mike compose songs inspired by and paired with our Strange & Beautiful beers that we brew at our BrewCafé and be playing them throughout the event, he will also be working with Chefs Bill and John to curate a special pizza pie menu for all to enjoy as well!!! 

Tickets will be limited and are $35 including tax & gratuity. Click the image on this page to order tickets!! #dreambeer #dreamteam