May 31 - June 2

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I've reconciled myself with the fact that we were pretty damned lucky to have opened when we did in the beautiful state of Pennsylvania. Before the market was saturated with so many breweries brewing so much of the same beer, we popped on the radar intent to brew some pretty strange liquids and curate a totally tuned in beer drinking environment. Our IPAs were hazy, our Saisons were strange, we had a decidedly culinary bend to our movements, and our propensity for using seasonal and obscure ingredients was often pretty intense. It wasn't for everyone (and still isn't), but we worked our butts off to keep this funny little undulating mutoid ball of creativity rolling. Seven years later, we make our Strange & Beautiful beer out of three very different production facilities, operate two (soon to be three) very different restaurants, host a beautiful Biergarten in Philadelphia, run our own Awake Minds coffee roasting facility, are a licensed winery that will be producing some pretty delicious bubbly natural wines, produce our own 333 Kombucha, and we sell all of it (in-house) through our General Store. All important and all interconnected pieces to our puzzle. This weekend of our Seventh Anniversary will also be important and interconnected, so please join us for an ENTIRE weekend of BIRTH DAY fun on Planet Very Lucky.


Luck is a cloud with seventeen different colored eyes. Every single person on this planet, including the planet, has a cloud with seventeen different colored eyes hovering over them. Each eye looks in a different direction; forward and backward... into the future and back to the past and all of that forever and always. You can actually do this too, but it's generally best to leave it up to the cloud. The sum of what each individual's cloud's eyes processes day to day, week to week, month to month, year to year is what ultimately determines their luck in this life. It's nothing that is visible or predictable but it does keep going around and around in this funny pulsating dance that sometimes feels terrible and great at the same time. 


Here is a list of all of the Very Lucky beers that we will have ON TAP between the BrewCafé, Fermentaria, and Beautiful Spring Beauty Biergarten at various points throughout the weekend:

  • HopHands

  • SaisonHands

  • St. Sevener: The Cloud with Seventeen Different Colored Eyes

  • HandFarm

  • I Was Just Thinking About You, You 1 (Coconut Melted Brownie Imperial Stout)

  • I Was Just Thinking About You, You 2 (Triple Dry Hopped Reptoid IPA)

  • I Was Just Thinking About You, You 3 (Apricot, Rooibos, Mango, Vanilla Creamy Imperial Yummie Ale)

  • I Was Just Thinking About You, You 4 (No Boil Intraconically Hopped Double IPA)

  • Coconut and Peach MilkSTAVE

  • Trendler Helles

  • Trendler Pilsner

  • Trendler Dopplebock

  • Kesey's Guava, Lemongrass, Coconut and Vanilla

  • Kesey's Blueberry, Hibiscus, AWAKE MINDS coffee and Vanilla

  • Kesey's Peach and Vanilla

  • Secret Face 2018

  • Secret Face 2019

  • TRIPLE Extra Vanilla MilkShake IPA

  • Freedom from the Known

  • Galaxy MagoTago

  • I Was Just Thinking About You, Cory King

  • Rust & Decay II

  • Gatherer 2017

  • Parageusia 12

  • Parageusia 13

  • 2017 Frequency Illusion: Merlot

  • 2018 Frequecy Illusion: Red Thicket

  • 2017 Frequency Illusion: Reisling

  • 2018 Mead Barrel AWAKE MINDS Coffee Only Void

  • 2016 Single Origin Coffee Only Void

  • 2017 Single Origin Coffee Only Void

  • 2018 Retrospective Only Void

  • 2016 Only Void

  • 2017 Only Void

  • And maybe a few slushy things... Who knows!?!

Friday 5/31

3rd Annual BIRTH DAY show & BierGarten Pre-Party!

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We are kicking our SEVENTH BIRTHDAY WEEKEND off on Friday 5/31 with the third installment of BIRTH DAY at Union Transfer in Philadelphia! This year we are hosting Pallbearer, Weedeater, Heavy Temple, and Solace! The taps will be full of beer from some of our best pals in the game. Monkish, Side Project, Half Acre, Cellarmaker, Sante Adairius, Suarez Family, Oxbow, Omnipollo, and a few others will all be accounted for alongside of some of our THBC BIRTH DAY offerings for the night! Tickets are $20 adv; $25 DoS. . 

Doors to our BIRTH DAY show are at 7:30pm and the show starts at 8pm.


And starting the day off at noon, we will be hosting a lil BIRTH DAY Pre-Party at our Beautiful Spring Beauty Biergarten in Fishtown. Join us at the Garten from noon till 6ish for some special happy hour BIRTH DAY pours of HopHands, SaisonHands, and a sneek-peek of St. Sevener: The Cloud with Seventeen Different Colored Eyes! Our pals from Bonn Place Brewing will be hanging with us at a special POP UP Bonn Bar pouring two of their very nice beers as well! 

Saturday 6/1

We crash land onto PLANET VERY LUCKY beginning at 9:00am in Ardmore.


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Recent Pies will be teaming up with that sweetheart, Matt from the Masonry in Seattle, to bring you a super cool PIZZA POP UP right outside of our Ferm! Matt and Mike will be firing off delicious Roma, Neapolitan, and al Taglio pies for all of you early risers until noon or so. You'll also be able to purchase CANS of GALAXY DOUBLE DRY HOPPED ORANGE JUICE CONDITIONED ON MANGOS AND PEACHES at the Pop-Up! =)

9:00am outside the FERM: AWAKE MINDS Pour Over Station

Along side of the Recent Pies x Masonry station will be an AWAKE MINDS pour over station! We will be doing FREE pour overs of all THREE of our current house roasts. We may even have a few experimental roasts for you all as well. Bags of our beans will be available for takeaway as well. 

11:00am at our General Store: Jean and Magick Man will host a very special BOTTLE/SMELL/TASTE. 

We will be releasing SIX NEW BOTTLES during B/S/T:

  • Parageusia 10

  • Parageusia 11

  • Shambolic: Peach/Apricot/Cacao Pod (I think you get it!)

  • Nonexistent Origin (Heirloom Rustic Ales collab. Single Barrel Methode Ancestral Lager/Saison)

  • An Unconscious Encore (Oak fermented PA Empress Plum Oat n' Wheat Saison)

  • Simplicity in the Sunset (Oak fermented Meyer Lemon and Sea Salt tart Saison)

Jean and Magick will guide attendees through a tasting of up to 4oz of each new bottle. This is meant to be a pretty free form engagement, so come thirsty and loaded with questions. Let's have some fun with this. Price is $15. No advance purchase necessary.

11:00am on the second floor of our BrewCafé: AWAKE MINDS CUPPING SESSION 

Screen Shot 2019-05-23 at 4.37.01 PM.png

Please join our extremely talented and thoughtful Head Roaster, Rachel, for an hour long exploration of all of our Awake Minds coffees! She will be walking participants through our Circadian Blend, Colombia Single-Origin, Honduras Single-Origin AS WELL AS a few barrel aged surprises! Rachel will guide you through our preferred analytical coffee techniques and you're bound to leave with a killer buzz. Each attendee will get a bag of our Circadian Blend to take home and have first dibbs on a few experimental bags that we'll be releasing over the weekend. Also... There's bound to be a special new Brewcafé coffee beer and maybe an Only Void Coffee something or other involved. We can accomodate up to 20 people.


2:00pm at our Fermentaria: Parageusia Bar, Warm & Parageusia Bar, Cool

The Parageusia Bar returns for another year of unspoken entropic star-lit intrigue! This year, at Christian Zellersfield's behest, we have constructed two diametrically opposed Parageusia Bars: one warm and one cool. Fortunately, Christian will be sending TWO of his best modern-day terrestrial representatives to guide you through his latest offerings; Para12 and Para13. Para12 will be available in the Warm Bar and Para13 will be available in the Cool bar. Each attendee will purchase one ticket per pour and get a specific glass for each Para pour. All participants will have up to 2.5 minutes to spend in each bar desperately trying to make sense of the encounter. =)

Sunday 6/2

We continue our journey to PLANET VERY LUCKY in Ardmore.


9:00am outside the FERM: AWAKE MINDS Pour Over Station

11:00am at the FERM: 6x Planet Very Lucky Can Release! 

This is a birthday party, man! We can't spoil the surprise and tell you what we'll be releasing... But we can guarantee that we brewed these beers as a gift from us to you, you. 

11:00am on the second floor of our BrewCafé: Reptoid Alien Skull Lessons with Professor Death B. Reath!


Once again... Our most immersive event of the weekend. Join Mike Lawrence (aka Prof. Death B. Reath) on the second floor of our Café turned extraterrestrial blacked-out underworld for a two hour long still life drawing lesson! This event features a life-size ACTUAL REPTOID ALIEN SKULL that the Professor personally brought back to earth with him after a few months of inter-planetary travel. There will also be plenty of human skulls to draw as well. All drawing supplies will be provided, so no need to bring even a pen! All guests will enjoy pours from a curated bottle list chosen by Jean from his personal stash. Chef Bill will be sending out lil snack plates for everyone AND our main jazz dude, Mike Lorenz, will be there playing fuzzed out, blackened, and distorted-to-hell Grateful Dead riffs! Each guest will also receive a special signed screen print from Mike Lawrence to take home. ALSO, guests to the lesson will have the ability to reserve their full can allotment. 


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2:00pm on the second floor of our BrewCafé: TRENDLER BIERHALL!

JOIN US for a beautiful and family friendly German-type Bierhall engagement on the second floor of our BrewCafé. We'll have special Trendler mugs and plenty of Trendler Lager flowing. We'll even have a special one off, naturally carbonated, gravity pour of Trendler Helles to share with you all. There will, of course, be house-made pretzels and LIVE German music. Swing by whenever you'd like... It'll be going all afternoon and night!

As always, Chef Bill has a number of really comfy food specials planned for all of the cosmonauts who touch down on Planet Very Lucky!

And listen... We are so excited to spend another Anniversary celebration with all of you sweet folks that make our Planet spin spin spin. We sincerely can't thank you enough for taking this starship journey with us and can't wait to hoist a .5L mug of Trendler Pils with you all.