All Hallows Eve Beer Supper 2019


All Hallows Eve Beer Supper 2019

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It’s our most favorite SPOOKY DOOKY SCARY time of the year AGAIN and we are beyond excited to announce our EIGHTH (8TH!!!!!!) ANNUAL All Hallow’s Eve Beer Supper =)

Please join us on the second floor of our BrewCafé-turned-Haunted House at 7:00pm EST on Monday October 28th for a full throttle terror fueled display of our extremely talented kitchen team’s most lofty yearly achievements. As always we will be pairing each of the eight courses with beers brewed specifically for this event. This is our absolute favorite night of the year; when the things that go bump in the night actually turn out to be pan-dimensional crypto mummies THAT WANT TO EAT YOUR SKIN FOR FUN and when we turn our humble & precious little brewery into a full on Horror Psycho assault on your senses.

Each ticket includes admittance for one person (including tax and gratuity) and one 750mL bottle of Profundo Rosso, a sweet cherry Saison dosed with over 5lbs per barrel of a variety of sweet cherries from our equally as sweet pal Ben Wenk from Three Springs Farm. This bottle is specific to this dinner. As always, guests will have the option to purchase additional bottles after the dinner. Below is the list of food & beer you should expect (fear) this year =)

  • SaisonHands with Oysters w/ Mignonette

  • Anthropophagous - Dry Stout with Squash Black Bread w/ Spiced Squash Butter

  • L’aldilà - Sour IPA w/ Lactose, Blueberry, Cranberry, and Jasmine Tea with Salad of Bitter Greens w/ Black Walnut Oil & Matcha

  • Dellamorte Dellamore - Witbier Shandy w/ Grapefruit and Rosemary with Poached Scallop

  • Demoni - India Red Ale hopped with Columbus, Cascade, Centennial, Chinook, and Crystal with Smoked Dry Age Strip Loin with Parsnip and Celeriac

  • Buio Omega - Coffee Mild with Coffee & Cream Burrata

  • L’altro Inferno - Galaxy & Grüngeist Triple IPA with Apple Tartin w/ Jasmine Honey

  • Profundo Rosso: Pennsylvania Cherry Sour Ale with Smoked Cherry Ice Cream