Belgian/French Farmhouse Ales

Truly beers of the earth; traditionally brewed by farmers, not brewers. This “style” of beer is very open to experimentation and interpretation.

Some examples of our Farmhouse ales include:

Tired Hands Brewing Company FarmHands Saison: Our four-grain saison. Brewed with rye, wheat, oats, and malted-barley in homage to the original farmers (not brewers) that originated this style. Suggestions of tropical fruit, citrus rind, and black pepper. 4.8% abv.

Tabel: A true table beer. Brewed with wheat and fermented with our house Saison yeast, this is a beer that you could drink all day long and not fall down! Lightly hopped with domestic Saaz, and spiced with a rotating variety of spices (chamomile, rose hips, corriander, lemon grass, orange peel, black pepper, hibiscus, etc.) 3.5% abv.

Guillemot: Brewed with wheat, oats and a thoughtful blend of caramel, chocolate, and de-bittered black malts.  Fermented with our house saison yeast. A Dense, contemplative ale with nuances of bittersweet bakers chocolate, dried dark fruit, molasses, and a subtle suggestion of tobacco leaf. The Guillemot is a bird whose migratory pattern takes it from the Baltic sea to the shores of Belgium. 7.3% abv.

Desert: Brewed with an assortment of caramel malts, oats, molasses, and dark Belgian candi syrup. Fermented with our house Saison yeast. Matured in an apple brandy barrel. A true dessert beer. Exceedingly lush with notes of comforting caramel, sweet green apple, and vanilla. 7.0% abv.

Thesaurus: Orange/Brown Saison. Brewed with Caramel malts and Cascade hops. Notes of earth, dark fruit, tobacco, citrus, and pepper. 6.2%.abv

American Hop-Forward Ales

Popularized by West Coast brewers in the early/mid nineties, these beers allow the citrusy/herbal/grassy/spicy/floral qualities of many Pacific North West hops to stand out and define the style.  More so than any other style of beer, hop-forward ales are best consumed fresh, as the delicate hop aromas and flavors degrade quickly once packaged. By brewing these hoppy styles locally for a local audience, freshness will never be an issue.

Some examples of our hop-forward ales include:

HopHands: Our exceedingly aromatic American Pale Ale. Hopped with Amarillo, Centennial, and Columbus. Nuances of tangelo, under-ripe kiwi, and pine needles. 4.8% abv.

Foliage: Our exceedingly aromatic Double IPA. Hopped with Amarillo and Centennial. Intense notes of grapefruit, passion fruit, and pine needles. 8.5%abv

Aloysius: American brown rye ale.  Brewed with caramel malts, and rye. Well hopped with a blend of Citrusy/Piney American hops. Balanced with a smooth malt backbone and restrained bitterness. Fermented with our house ale yeast. 6.0% abv.